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Budda BudWah Guitar Wah Pedal
The Budda BudWah is a top-class way to get wah tones. With boutique quality components and a heavy-duty build, the BudWah is a real keeper.

Although the wah has been with us for many a year, the newer designs have not addressed some of the problems inherent with the older circuitry. For example, take the loading and muddiness of the signal when the wah has been bypassed, the narrow frequency range and the use of substandard parts for assembly. Taking these issues into account, Budda Amplification researched the original Vox wah and designed a modern version incorporating the original specifications with upgraded tonal characteristics.

Analyzing the original "Fasel" inductor was the first measure taken to obtain the tonal sweep that made the original Vox wah the tool that it was. Budda's design offers a frequency band that has the mid range honk and top end boost of a vintage pedal without the harshness. The next step was to conquer the tonal loss and muddiness that occurs when you bypassed the wah. By implementing a "hardwire bypass" modification, Budda has been able to eliminate the wah completely from the circuit so that you retain your amp's and guitar's true tonal characteristics.

100% signal bypass when not in use, keeps guitar tone true

Hard-wire bypass, quiet operation, boutique quality components zZounds is an authorized dealer of Budda products.


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