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Chauvet Intimidator QSpot 250 Pro
The Chauvet Intimidator QSpot 250 Pro gives you an intelligent moving head hybrid spot and wash light in a single unit. Included are a new glass reflector for improved output and an improved lens coating for increased output and image quality as well as an improved LCD Display menu control.

Building on the success of our popular Intimidator QSpot 250, the Intimidator QSpot 250 Pro has all the same specifications and features, but with some important improvements requested by Lighting Designers and Touring production companies.
 . Sku # DESIGN SPOT 250 PRO
 . 8 colors + 2 x 7 gobos
 . Phillips MSD 250/2 lamp
 . Standard Beam Angle 14°
 . Modular construction
 . Prism + Iris + Variable Frost


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