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DMX- 512 Chauvet Scorpion Storm RGX (For Rent)
Scorpion™ Storm RGX is a DMX-512 controlled red and green effect laser that creates a unique star field effect with many patterns and hundreds of beams, powered by 30mW green and red laser modules.

The Chauvet Scorpion Storm RGX Effects Laser is popular fixture in for concert, entertainment, dance club and DJ venues. Red and green laser diodes create hundreds of beam patterns and starfield effects with a 114° beam angle which allows floor to ceiling coverage.

Automatic programs allow selection of effects, patterns, speeds and sound activation as well as rotation and stutter, accessible via DMX or master/slave. Master/Slave enables the "daisy-chaining" or serial linking of up to 32 units, which all follow settings of the first in series or "Master." The Scorpion RFX also features an output to provide power to a maximum of 75 additional units @ 120V. 

The laser complies with FDA/CDRH standards which governs safe use. The Scorpion features multiple mounting locations for its included bracket and is pipe, ceiling or truss mountable by O or C clamp.  

Red and Green Lasers
Color selection of red, green or both with strobe control.
Effects motor with DMX controllable rotation and stutter effect to approximate audio stutter.
4-Channel DMX-512 for Control Mode, Color Selection, Strobe and Rotation
Operating Modes
DMX, Automatic, Sound Activation, Master/Slave
Light Program Access
Built-in automated programs such as effects, chase, strobe, patterns and rotation via DMX, Master/Slave, Sound-Activation or Automatic programs. Several units may be linked together and will follow the settings input in the first unit in series or "Master."
Audio Program Access
Built-in sound activated programs via DMX or Master/Slave. Laser responds to low frequency signals via the built-in microphone. Several units can take commands from the Master as indicated above.
Safety cover protects laser during transport.
Multiple mounting locations for bracket.
Complies with FDA / CDRH standards for Class 3R which dictates power and use to ensure safe viewing.


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