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Features: • Professional dry-ice machine creates thick, low-lying clouds that hug the floor • Quickly heats water to its optimal operating temperature using simple, plug-n-play operation • Heat the water in a fraction of the time by utilizing the second heating element • Manipulate the output and flow with the adjustable, multi-level control handle • Increase safety with low-water and temperature sensors that automatically shut off heaters

Chauvet Hurricane Haze 3d

Hurricane Haze 3D is a water-based haze machine with a 2.5-liter (0.7 gallon) tank and takes only four minutes to heat up to create a subtle atmosphere, enhancing any light show. It features a low-fluid indicator and automatic shutdown. A wired, timer remote (HC-T) is also included.

CHAUVET DJ B-550 Bubble King

  • Bubble Effects Machine
  • 3 Double Wands
  • Manual Bubble Button

7500W Generator

Special Event Lighting: Add elegant and eye-pleasing uplighting to your room or event center. Beams of Light shine up walls, columns or key points of interest and visually enhances the room for your special event

Wedding Lighting: Uplighting is a great way to bring a beautiful and stimulating feel to your wedding. Uplighting adds depth and a personal touch to your wedding by literally painting your reception hall with light to compliment your wedding’s color scheme. You can turn any event space (loft, gallery, etc..) into a beautiful canvas of light.

Briggs & Stratton P3000 Inverter Generator


Get more power for the great outdoors – with this P3000 PowerSmart Series Inverter Generator by Briggs & Stratton. Inverter technology makes it quieter than traditional camping generators, lightweight, and safe for sensitive electronics. Carrying handles and a telescoping handle make it easy to take it to where the fun is. Plus the on-board StatStation display keeps you informed about power use, run time and maintenance reminders. Now that’s smart power.

Dry Erase Easel


Nest Easel features a double-sided dry-erase board surface in durable, long-lasting Dura-Rite high pressure laminate

  • The easel frame is made of powder-coated tubular steel for a clean, updated appearance
  • The easel can easily be adjusted to two heights
  • Surface measures 40 3/4″H x 28 3/4″W. Unit sets at 65″ or 72″ high.
  • Easel features accessory trays and flip chart hooks on each side, as well as a perforated storage box that can be adjusted in height to accommodate a variety of items.
  • Base includes 2″ locking casters.

100 Foot 16 Channel Snake


16 Channel Audio Snake provides 24 channels (XLR) females and 4 (XLR) returns. Features well-protected and flexible cable bundling and a heavy-duty metal chassis box! Includes locking connectors with quick disconnect buttons for a secure fit. Each XLR connector is hand-soldered and individually insulated to ensure that no electrical shorts will occur. Audio snake includes a built-in easy carrying handle and a black nylon protector bag.

Crown Two-Channel Power Amplifier


Incredibly compact, the Crown MA3600VZ-Stereo Power Amp dishes out prodigious amounts of clean, reliable power: 1,800W per channel @ 2 ohms, 1,565W @ 4 ohms, and 3,505W @ 4 ohms bridged. The Crown MA3600VZ features comprehensive protection against shorted, open, or mismatched loads; overloaded power supplies; excessive temperature; chain destruction phenomena, input overload damage, and high-frequency blow-ups. The Crown MA3600VZ-Stereo Power Amp is equipped with power-on and signal-present indicators. Output power at 1 kHz with 0.1% or less THD: Stereo mode with both channels driven: 1800W into 2 ohms 1565W into 4 ohms 1120W into 8 ohms Bridge-mono mode: 3505W into 4 ohms 3140W into 8 ohms.

Pro Tools Rig


8-channel FireWire Audio/MIDI Interface with 4 Mic Preamps, DI, S/PDIF, Softclip Limiters, and Onboard DSP – Includes Pro Tools Software

XLR connector

The XLR connector is a style of electrical connector, primarily found on professional audio, video, and stage lighting equipment.

Fender Pro Tube Twin 2×12″ Combo Amplifier


FM 212 DSP features 16 quality amp models and 16 DSP effects per channel (including reverb, delay, chorus, tremolo, flanging, Vibratone and combinations). Two heavy-duty 12″ Special Design speakers are driven by 100 watts of pure Fender tone, making this one of the fullest-sounding small combo amps available today. And it provides lots of opportunity for sonic fun and experimentation! Includes two-button channel selection and effects on/off footswitch. It has 2 independent channels with duplicate controls. Each channel can be set to any amp type, effect, and EQ setting desired. Both channels include 16 selectable Amp Types including classic Fender Tweed, Blackface , Hot Rod, & Metalhead ; British Stack and Combo; Jazz; and Acoustic-Electric simulator.

Peavey 5150 EVH Vintage signature head 120 Watt

Peavey 5150 EVH Head Amplifier Tube AmpStock# 03082011-13-B MH RHMake/Model: Peavey 5150 SignatureSerial #: 06896330 Power source: 4x 6L6 Watts: 120 Weight: 48 Lbs. Dimensions: 26×11.5×9 Features: 2 Channels, Brain Melting Volume, Footswitch not Included.

Marshall 1974 vintage 4X12 cab with vintage 30’s (studio use only)

The Marshall Vintage Modern 425A/B speaker cabinet employs a traditional Marshall 4×12″ design, with mono/stereo switchability. Each Vintage Modern 425A/B cabinet has 4 – 12″ Celestion G12C Greenbacks, developed specifically for the Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix Super100JH stack and voiced to deliver that rich, balanced harmonic timbre that complements the Vintage Modern Series perfectly.

Leney 4X12

The Line 6 Spider IV guitar amps redefine what is sonically possible for modeling amplifiers, and the Spider IV HD150 half stack is at the top of the heap. It boasts the most advanced Line 6 amp modeling to date, over 500 presets, and a truly evolved playing experience. Spinning the amp model knob on the slick faceplate is like browsing through a museum of the most revered guitar tones of all time. The Spider IV amp lets you explore each legendary modern and vintage amp tone, play with celebrated combinations of syrupy effects, and crank them like you own the place.

Sonic 4X12 1984

The Super-Sonic 100 412 guitar speaker cabinet is designed as the ideal cab for the Super-Sonic 100 head. Loaded with 4 – 12″ Celestion Vintage 30 speakers for superb tone and response.

Brace DWG1000 Digital Wireless Guitar System

Brace DWG1000 Digital Wireless Guitar System is a truly professional system that’s currently on tour with many top bands. The Brace DWG1000X provides all the benefits you expect from a quality digital wireless system—full bandwidth with extended low-frequency response for basses; all the channels you need; and a super simple setup with better-than-rackmount performance.

Roland GP-8 guitar effects processor with FS-100 controller

The GP-8 is mostly an Analog Effects Processor with basically 8 Boss stomp boxes in one unit. The Roland GP-8 Guitar Effects Processor is one of the earliest (1987) multi-effect racks with 8 effect blocks that included Dynamic Filter, Compressor, Over Drive, Distortion, Phaser, Equalizer, Digital Delay and Digital Chorus. The digital delay and chorus are both 12-bit. There is a slight bit of noise with this unit but nothing that a Noise Suppressor can’t take care of. There also is no reverb, but I can always get that out of the GP-16 or somewhere else.

Korg PB-02 pitchblack+

Korg PB-02 pitchblack+ is a high-end pro-quality chromatic pedal tuner boasting ultra-high tuning accuracy within a range of +/-0.1 cents. Housed in a sleek black aluminum die cast body, the Korg pitchblack+ packs a versatile range of tuning modes such as chromatic, standard (guitar/bass), open D, open E, open G, open A, and DADGAD. The Korg pitchblack+ also creates up to 5 custom tuning programs of your own with any temperament you specify. This is ideal for accommodating special tunings such as ethnic instruments and stretched tuning.

Keeley 4 knob compressor

Keeley’s most popular pedal, the Keeley compressor has become an industry standard for stomp box compression. The sound will inspire, and your music will flow freely—just plug the compressor pedal in and let your head, heart, and fingers fly. The sound quality of the Keeley compressor is rarely heard in the stomp-box arena and is only seen in very expensive rackmount or tube equipment.

The Bud-Wah

The Bud-Wah puts classic wah tonality into your rig, without sacrificing your guitar’s clarity. The Bud-Wah features a tight tone sweep, so you get a very vocal-sounding wah; no ear-piercing highs with this wah! The Bud-Wah is built from the ground up to give you a very musical, very expressive playing experience. And when you switch this true-bypass pedal off, you know your pure signal integrity is maintained. You get boutique-quality components, top-notch workmanship, and road-ready reliability from the Bud-Wah!

Vintage 1984 Rat distortion

The key to Pro Co’s You Dirty RAT tone is in its germanium clipping diodes. Any effect pedal aficionado will tell you that nothing compares to the warm tone that these sought-after components provide. This distortion pedal is the perfect middle ground between distortion and fuzz, combining the characteristic cutting RAT tone with the warmth of a classic fuzz-tone.

MXR phase 90

The MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal features a completely analog audio path for the ultimate in rich, warm delay–made possible only by old-school bucket brigade technology. This design boasts an amazing 600ms of delay time with optional modulation via a top-mounted switch and a simple, three-knob layout that controls Delay time, Mix (dry/wet blend), and Regen (delay repeats)–all in a pedal no bigger than a Phase 90. In addition, the M169 pedal has two internal trim pots that offer user-adjustable width and rate control of the modulation for even more tonal options. The Carbon Copy effect pedal will take you from crisp “bathroom” slap echoes to epic, Gilmour-esque delays with a twist of a knob. True hardwire bypass, single 9-volt operation, and stage-ready blue LEDs round out the package.

Boss DD-6 Digital Delay

The DD-6 Digital Delay is the first BOSS delay pedal to offer true stereo delay and panning effects. Features include built-in tap tempo capability and a delay/hold time of over 5 seconds (5,200ms). A new Reverse mode makes it easy to get trippy ‘60s and ‘70s-style effects, while the newly designed Warp mode creates radical delay effects on the fly.

Boss Chorus CE-2

The CE-2 was the first compact pedal chorus from Boss. The CE-1 was released 1976 and contained the exact same circuit as the Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120 Amp. The CE-2 builds on the legacy of the CE-1 but isn’t identical. The middle region is boosted in the CE-2 compared to the CE-1. According to the design engineers this may be because the CE-1 had a lower input impedance.
Roland says that they stopped marketing the CE-2 November 1982. The pedal was however still produced and sold at least out 1990. The label changed from black to green 1984. The CE-2 was produced in Japan up until 1988 when production moved to Taiwan

Vintage Dunlop Tremolo

With its warm analog circuitry and lush tremolo sound, the Dunlop TS-1 set the standard for tremolo pedals for over a decade. The MXR M159 Tremolo keeps all the effects and controls of the original – but in a smaller, pedalboard-friendly size. Its 18-volt operation provides rich and vibrant sound with low noise due to its high headroom. With the versatile input/output options the M-159 can produce hypnotic, pulsing mono tremolo through a single amp or ping-ponged from one amp to another in stereo mode for a huge, spacious tone.

10 ¼ monster cables

Monster Cable Standard S-100 1/4″ – 1/4″ Speaker Cable is a compact, high-quality 16-gauge speaker cable that features special windings and a patented Magnetic Flux Tube to reduce distortion. You get impressive clarity, frequency response, and dynamic range. Monster Standard is engineered for better bass response and punch with speakers of all impedances.

Fender p-bass deluxe 1996 50th anniversary USA

The Fender Deluxe P Bass Special 4-String Bass has a Jazz neck, a P Bass body, and a P/J combination pickup array with Vintage Noiseless pickups and active electronics. The P body is a little smaller and lighter, the J neck slimmer and faster, and the combined pickups give you just that much more to play with. A gold vinyl pickguard sets the Deluxe P Bass apart visually, and its satin-finish neck feels worn in from the get-go.

Fender Jazz Bass 2000 USA with EMG P- Bass pick ups

The Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass delivers the modern features that bassists demand in a sleek, familiar electric bass. An updated preamp circuit puts out deeply exhilarating active and passive tone. Powerful-yet-quiet N3 Noiseless pickups present more clean headroom, extended EQ range, and plenty of sublime tonal options, thanks to the active/passive toggle switch and passive tone control. The classic Fender Jazz Bass block fretboard inlays and binding give the Deluxe Jazz Bass extra touches of class.

Ampeg SVT- Classic head 300 watt USA

The big stage amp of choice in the ’60s is brought back in the Ampeg SVT-CL Classic Bass Head with 300W (to either 2 or 4 ohms). Tube array includes 2 – 12AX7s in the preamp, 2 – 12AU7s and a 12AX7 for drivers, and 6 – 6550s for power. Controls include 3 bands of tone, 5-way mid selector, plus ultralow and high boosts. Normal and padded inputs, tube-protection circuitry, auto-fault mode, fan cooling, slave output jack, 4/2 ohm selector, user biasing controls, and 3-position AC polarity switch.

Ampeg SVT- Classic 3X10 USA

The Classic Series Heads are designed for players who are looking for the authentic, vintage Ampeg tube sound that has earned the respect of the industry. For the ultimate experience, it’s the SVT-CL – the Classic, as it’s known in the business. There is no equivalent to its 300-watt output courtesy of six 6550 power tubes.

The dbx 160 Compressor/Limiter

The dbx 160 Compressor/Limiter is a fully licensed and faithful emulation of the legendary dbx 160 hardware compressor/limiter — still widely considered the best VCA compressor ever made. “VU” is the common nickname for this highly regarded studio staple, famous for its simple control set and firm, distinct compression characteristics. The dbx 160 also has unique nonlinearities not found in other VCA compressors, giving it a sonic distinction from later models. The dbx-endorsed UAD Powered Plug-In version of the VCA VU captures all of the sonic nuances from our “golden” modeling unit, plus the simple control set of the original hardware.

Boss synth SYB-3

The SYB-3 Bass Synthesizer is the first of its kind–a high-quality bass synthesizer in a compact floor pedal design. The SYB-3 can turn any electric bass guitar into a dance, techno, hip-hop, funk or R&B machine, molding a “straight” bass sound into any number of today’s popular synth bass sounds.

BOSS AW-3 Dynamic Wah

The BOSS AW-3 Dynamic Wah pedal gives guitarists a wide range of classic auto-wah and dynamic wah effects, plus a new “Humanizer” effect which can simulate human vowel sounds. A Bass input provides a variety of funky wah sounds for bass guitar.

Aguilar DB924

The DB 924 FET preamp features the circuitry of the innovative OBP-1 onboard preamp in a sturdy and compact package. The sound is transparent and warm and has true dynamic headroom. The DB 924 offers two bands of boost occuring at 40Hz (bass) and 4Khz (treble). In addition, high end loss resulting from long cable runs is eliminated through a well buffered design which provides a low output impedance

Pearl Soundcheck 5-Piece Drum Set with Zildjian Cymbals

Pearl’s entry level kit, SoundCheck, is intended to change the mindset of what an entry-level drum set should be. These Pearl drum shells are made from 9-ply mahogany and are finished in a durable high-gloss covering. WIth the inclusion of the Sabian B8 cymbal pack and the sturdy 700 Series hardware, this kit adds up to an entry-level set of extraordinary quality.

2 Rack Toms

A wide variety of configurations are commonly available and in use at all levels from advanced student kits upwards. Most toms range in size between 6″ and 20″, though floor toms can go as large as 24″. Two “power” depth tom-toms of 12×10 (12″ diameter by 10″ depth) and 13×11 is a common hanging tom configuration. Also popular is the “fusion” configuration of 10×8 and either 12×8 or 12×9, and the again popular “classic” configuration of 12×8 and 13×9, which is still used by some jazz drummers. A third hanging tom is often used instead of a floor tom.

1 Floor Tom

A floor tom is a double-headed tom-tom drum which usually stands on the floor on three legs. However, they can also be attached to a cymbal stand with a drum clamp.
Floor toms can be of one of two designs. Quite simply, floor toms with legs and ‘floating’ floor toms; usually attached to either a drum rack or a cymbal stand by means of a clamp. It is uncommon to see a floor tom at 16×16 using the ‘floating’ system, however, and is more commonly seen on ‘fusion’ or jazz setups whereby the floor tom is of a 14″ diameter.

1 Kick Drum

Is constructed with environmentally responsible big-leaf mahogany for the big, classic warm tone perfect for rock drumming. The kick drum is made without a tom holder for unobstructed tone.

1 Snare

The limited edition VX snare drum provides the powerful punch and aggressive attack that birch is known for. The functional and stylish appointments include a classic 8-lug design, limited edition badge, 1.6mm steel rims, and SR-900 dual strainer. Choose black with black hardware or ivory with chrome hardware.

4 Cymbal Stands

Sturdy double-braced cymbal stand.

1 High Hat Stand

Hi-Hat Stand features the PosiLink Twin Cam Drive System: you determine the desired pedal response by changing among the 4 unique cams included.

1 Snare Stand

Snare Stand has a basket that adjusts for 10″-16″ drums. Features Uni-Lock tilter and double-braced legs with reversible spike/rubber tips.

1 Pearl Kick Pedal

The Pearl P120P PowerShifter Bass Drum Pedal is standard equipment on Pearl’s Export Series drum sets. Heavier DuoBeat beater, Eliminator-inspired looks with a single chain and new super-responsive round cam.

1 Tama Iron Cobra Kick Pedal

The Iron Cobra Junior bass drum pedal has a sharp-looking redesigned footboard but retains the Iron Cobra series’ offset Power Glide cam, beater angle adjustment, and movable hoop clamp of the Iron Cobra line. The Iron Cobra Junior offers the innovative design and response of the main Iron Cobra line at affordable prices. This kick drum beater provides full volume and punchy attack.

1 DW -5000 double kick pedal

With a host of refinements and upgrades, the Pearl 5000 double pedal’s legendary Turbo concentric drive system maintains a direct relationship between the sprocket and the footboard for solid, powerful, consistent feel and response. This is the left-footed version of the Turbo double chain-and-sprocket drive system. Along with aluminum hex shafts, pedal plates and linkages, dual side-adjusting hoop clamp, 101 two-way beater and built in spurs, this pedal can be customized to fit the needs of any lefty player.

1 Zildjian Special A Recording High Hat 12″

Zildjian A Series Special Recording Hi-Hat cymbals deliver tight, controlled sound. Pinpoint definition. Clean, clear, “chick.” Sold as a pair. A Series Zildjians are the world’s most popular and most versatile cymbals. Cast from a special bronze alloy, symmetrically machine hammered, and lathed with a traditional wide groove. These are hi-hat cymbals with a classic yet expressive voice.

1 Zildjian High hat new beat HH 14″

Members of the most popular and versatile series of cymbals, this Zildjian A Series New Beat Hi-Hat Pair can best be described as exuberant. All-purpose combination of stick and “chick” sounds.

1 zildjian High hat ZXT 14

ZXT Rock hi-hats are a brighter, full-sounding set of hats with good projection qualities. Heavy top and bottom.

1 zildjian 16″china boy low

Zildjian Avedis 16″ China Boy Low, Regular Finish, Strong “China” sound. Medium decay. Low-pitched.

1 zildjian 18″ china ZBT

The Zildjian ZBT China Cymbal is fast, bright, and trashy — ideal for special accents and musical exclamation points. A bold and colorful Zildjian cymbal with an explosive attack, fast decay, and plenty of volume to cut through the music.

1 wuhan 12″ splash

Thinner than other splashes, they produce complex and musical overtones with supportive washes.

1 Sabian 13″ high Hat

Medium top and heavy bottom pairing delivers clean stick and pedal definition, with increased volume and fullness when played open.

1 Sabian 20″ ride

Cymbal delivers clean stick definition, reduced tonal spread, and a bright bell.

1 crash 12″

Cymbal boasts a tone that’s natural and bright–not too high, not too low. Speaks very quickly with beautiful, warm undertones.

1 cow bell

Constructed from mild steel, this bell sports an antique hammered copper finish and produces a loud, dull tone that can be heard over long distances.

Roland Digital Piano FP-3 88 keys with stand and bench

The FP-3 Digital Piano delivers the sound and touch of a concert grand in a compact instrument that’s both stylish and fun to play. Incorporating Roland’s top-quality piano sounds and new Progressive Hammer-Action keyboard, the FP-3 will please even the most demanding players, while an onboard Session Partner with realistic drum and bass patterns makes practice more fun.

Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus

The Pioneer CJD-2000 is prepared for any performance Adapting to today’s variety of media formats, the Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus media player enables playback of MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF audio files from CDs and USB memory devices, and from DVDs and SD cards as well. A USB port located on top of the turntable enables users to quickly connect an external storage device such as a Tonium Pacemaker or a hard drive packed with music files, minimizing the need to bring a laptop computer to performances.

The Pioneer CDJ-2000 turntable includes rekordbox, Pioneer’s proprietary music management software that organizes and catalogs a DJ’s entire music library. When music files are imported to rekordbox, the software analyzes each file and prepares them for use specifically with the CDJ turntable.

2 JBL 4th Generation PRX618S-XLF

The PRX618S-XLF extended low frequency subwoofer was designed and engineered to provide sub-bass frequencies with accuracy and power. Used as a single sub, in a sub/sat system, or in multiples as part of a scalable, large format sound reinforcement system, the PRX618S-XLF performs with extreme efficiency and control. This sub is stackable and lightweight, ensuring quick setups and teardowns. And, due to its rugged construction, it’s perfect for AV rental inventories. With a pole receptacle (that accepts a SS4-BK or SS4-BK24, sold separately) on the top panel and integrated stereo pass-thru, this is the most powerful low-frequency complement to the PRX full-range systems. The addition of a polarity reverse option further enables system optimization.


Battery operated CO2 gun

CO2 Cannon with LED

Transform any event into a show! This united paired with our up-lights or movers makes for a amazing presentation.

LED Robot