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We specialize on Mobile LED video screen rental and installation, and all of our professional video engineers are licensed and insured.

Boston Audio Rentals has been serving Boston for over 15 years, we work with large corporate clients but we also love to create the best ambience on weddings and birthday parties.

Mobile LED video screens are widely used on any sort of speaking events, graduations, weddings, any event where you would like to show some sort of video content, especially if your event is during the daytime.


For All Inquiries Text or Call John
For All Inquiries Text or Call Sunny


Custom Size Outdoor LED Screen rental is the best option if your event requires larger size screen or you would like it to be placed on the stage.

It is widely used in concerts, parades, marathons, community events, weddings, etc.

Our team can build any size, any shape LED wall and stay there to operate it or collaborate with your in-house AV team.

If you are not exactly sure, what will be the best option for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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Mobile LED screens are most implemented on various events such as:

Fairs and Festivals

We specialize on different size Mobile screen installation. During the festival you always have announcements, sponsor's promotional videos etc. With various LED screens throughout the venue all of your guests will see it!


In such an important day all attendees would love to see the emotions of the graduates up close, LED wall is the best way to do so!


You can display roadside display signage, drive the display to make it a part of the show. You can also livestream the participants of the event on those screens to make your event more engaging.


Pixel pitch is the density of pixels (LED clusters) on an LED screen and determines its resolution. Pitch or dot pitch, often known as the “pixel pitch”, is the space in millimeters from the center of a pixel to the center of the next pixel closest to it. Since pixel pitch refers to the amount of space between two pixels, a smaller pixel pitch means there is less empty space between pixels.

Our LED screen rental package includes delivery, setup, operation, and tear-down of the display and any equipment. We also have a trained technician who works with you as support during your event to manage the display, troubleshoot any issues that may come up, and make any changes you may desire. If it is a custom size led wall then we will send you a quote with break down.

We have special outdoor LED walls that can resist weather such as rain and wind that you can use if your event will be outdoors and potentially face harsh weather.

All of our mobile units have onboard generator power. These power generators are really quite and won’t interrupt with your showing.

Our mobile screens have adjustable height with the following maximum heights: Our 12’x7′ can be raised 8′ (bottom of screen to ground), our 15’x8′ mobile screen can be raised 12′, and our modular screens can be ground supported or “flown” to various heights.

All of our mobile screens rotate 360 degrees.

Yes, we offer all kinds of monitor display rental sizes such as 43″, 60″, 70″, and 82″ 4K HD screen rentals with ultra-high-resolution smart TVs. TV rentals come with stands and we offer delivery and pick up 24/7.